Yogurt Intolerance

Yogurt Intolerance Information

When a person has a yogurt intolerance, that person is unable to properly digest yogurt. Someone with a yogurt intolerance may or may not be able to eat other kinds of dairy. As with most food intolerances, the type of symptoms and severity of symptoms vary from person to person. A yogurt intolerance is different from a yogurt allergy.

What is a Yogurt Intolerance?

A yogurt intolerance is an inability to properly absorb yogurt or one of the ingredients in yogurt. Sometimes a person who has a lactose intolerance is able to eat yogurt without issue while a person who has a yogurt intolerance experiences negative symptoms when doing so. This person may be able to eat other dairy products, depending on their specific intolerance.

Symptoms Of Yogurt Intolerance

Yogurt intolerance symptoms vary greatly from person to person. However, as with all food intolerances, yogurt intolerance symptoms are delayed. This means that they often occur some time after a person eats the offending food. The symptoms generally appear a few hours after eating yogurt, but they can be delayed by up to a day or two in some people. This is different that a yogurt allergy. Allergy symptoms are often immediate.

Yogurt intolerance symptoms include bloating, cramping, stomach pain, diarrhea, gas and other issues. Different individuals will experience different symptoms.

Yogurt Intolerance Treatment

Most people who have a yogurt intolerance avoid yogurt. Depending on the person, he or she may be able to eat a small amount of yogurt without experiencing symptoms. Other people are not able to eat any yogurt at all.

If you are intolerant to specific ingredients in yogurt, you may be able to eat brands that do not contain those ingredients. Other people are intolerant to the bacteria that is contained in yogurt and thus cannot consume any yogurt at all without experiencing symptoms. As mentioned, a food intolerance is a very individual situation that impacts different people differently.

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