Rice Intolerance

Rice Intolerance Information

When you have a rice intolerance, your body is unable to properly absorb or process rice. This is different from a rice allergy. Rice intolerance symptoms are usually delayed for several hours or, in some cases, up to a day or two. Different people experience different symptoms when they have a rice intolerance. This is true with all food intolerances, as they are highly individual.

What is Rice Intolerance?

A rice intolerance is the inability to properly absorb, digest, process or metabolize rice. When you have a rice intolerance you experience a variety of different negative symptoms when you eat rice or products that are made with or contain rice. These reactions are delayed, which often makes it difficult to diagnose the issue.

Symptoms of Rice Intolerance

There are a number of different rice intolerance symptoms. Stomach pain, bloating, excessive gas, diarrhea, cramping and other issues are common rice intolerance symptoms. As with all food intolerances, people who have a rice intolerance all experience different symptoms and the symptoms can range in severity. Rice intolerance symptoms are often delayed. It can sometimes take several hours for symptoms to become noticeable and in some cases it can be several days before you recognize that anything is wrong.

Rice Intolerance Treatment

Most people who have a rice intolerance avoid eating rice whenever possible. Some people can manage to have a small amount without experiencing any symptoms, while others cannot eat any rice at all. In addition to rice itself, there are a number of other food products that are made with rice or contain rice. For example, rice is a common ingredient in milk substitutes. The variety of foods that contain rice can sometimes make avoiding rice and rice products difficult. It is therefore quite important that you read ingredient labels carefully on all food that you consume. This is true for all individuals, not just those who have a food intolerance.

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