Cow`s Milk Intolerance

Cow`s Milk Intolerance Information

A Cow`s milk intolerance can be either digestive or immune. If it is an immune reaction, people will have some of the ill effects regardless of whether or not they digest the milk. A digestive reaction is when is a person is unable to properly digest or absorb a protein found in Cow`s milk.

Different people react to cow`s milk in different ways, much like with all food intolerances. When someone has a Cow`s milk intolerance, he or she is unable to consume Cow`s milk or products made with Cow`s milk without feeling negative symptoms. A person with a Cow`s milk intolerance may be able to consume other dairy products, but this depends on the individual.

A Cow`s milk intolerance is sometimes confused with a lactose intolerance or a milk allergy, however all of these conditions are different from one another.

What is Cow`s Milk Intolerance?

A Cow`s milk intolerance is most common in babies and very young children, but it can occur in people of all ages. The intolerance causes people to feel unwell or uncomfortable after drinking Cow`s milk. As with all food intolerances, the symptoms are often delayed by several hours and up to a day or two in some people.

Symptoms Of Cow`s Milk Intolerance

Cow`s milk intolerance symptoms include stomach issues, bloating, cramping, nausea, vomiting and other issues. Symptoms are highly individual, so one person could experience entirely different symptoms and/or a different severity of symptoms than another individual who also has a Cow`s milk intolerance.

Cow`s Milk Intolerance Treatment

Some children grow out of the reaction naturally with age, however other people develop the intolerance later in life.

Most people who have an intolerance avoid Cow`s milk and other food products that contain Cow`s milk. Depending on the individual, certain people may be able to consume a small amount of Cow`s milk or other types of dairy products such as goat’s milk. However, some people cannot have any of these products. Food intolerances are highly individual and each person will react differently.

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