Casein Intolerance

Casein Intolerance Information

Casein is a protein that is typically found in milk. Someone who has a casein intolerance is unable to properly digest casein. Most people who have a casein intolerance need to avoid all dairy products as well as a number of other foods that contain milk products. Food intolerances are very unique to the individual and a casein intolerance is no different. People with the intolerance will react in their own way. Symptoms, their severity and the delay between eating the food and experiencing the symptoms will vary.

What is a Casein Intolerance?

A casein intolerance is a situation where a person is unable to properly digest casein. It is different from a food allergy in several ways including the fact that casein intolerance symptoms are often delayed. Most people who have an intolerance to casein are unable to eat any dairy products at all. However, some people can have a small amount of some products without experiencing any negative symptoms. This greatly depends on the individual.

Symptoms Of Casein Intolerance

Casein intolerance symptoms can be similar to lactose intolerance symptoms. Symptoms can take place several hours after consuming casein but, for some people, casein intolerance symptoms can be delayed by up to a day or more.

Symptoms include stomach pain, cramping, bloating, respiratory problems, fatigue, fever, chest and abdominal pain, shortness of breath and other issues. The issues experienced, their intensity and the length of time that each symptom lasts is highly individual. Different people will experience a casein intolerance in different ways.

Casein Intolerance Treatment

While casein is a protein that is found in milk, it is also present in a number of other foods, including foods that most would consider “non-dairy.” Many products including several types of breads, gravy mixes, cereals, protein powders, lunch meats, baked goods and many processed foods are just a few of the foods and food products that contain casein.

For this reason, it is important that people who have a casein intolerance read the full ingredient labels of all food and food products before consuming them.

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