Thank you Hemocode for the key to my chronic muscle tension! I am a health and fitness conscious person who has been suffering from unexplainable muscle tension and pain, resulting in TMJ, bad headaches, and frequently resulting in various repetitive strain injuries. Most recently I had hip tension that was so bad I could no longer jog (and I am not even 40, yet felt like I was 80). Some of my practitioners thought I had a disc injury radiating pain into my hips. Even walking felt robotic and like I was going to snap. This despite regular doctor, physiotherapy, massage and chiropractic treatments. I finally suspected that food intolerance may be the cause of these issues. I unsuccessfully tried to figure this out myself by eating super healthy and trying various elimination diets, but with no success. My naturopath suggested detailed food intolerance testing. After asking around and looking at the options, it was clear that Hemocode system was the most comprehensive and economical available. Within 1.5 weeks of revising my diet based on the hemocode results, my pain greatly subsided and I am jogging once again! If you are concerned that it is too expensive and read about such tests not being scientifically proven, I disagree. Hemocode will save me money in the future, as I no longer need the frequent chiro, physio and massage treatments, and Hemocode provided me with the answers and the real source of my pain when I had exhausted all else. By finding the root of my problems I am finally on the road to recovery this time, and not just band-aid fixing the symptoms as before. Thanks to the great support staff. Everyone is very professional, timely and informative with their responses. And it is nice to know you can continue to follow up with questions and receive support as time goes on.

Terrie H, Lockport, Manitoba

Since discovering my food intolerances I no longer take blood pressure medication and my stomach troubles have subsided. Hemocode also discovered a severe intolerance to citrus fruits and some nuts. This information was crucial for my success in eating properly for me, and, therefore, me feeling a 100% improvement. Besides bloating and stomach aches which is usual for gi people, I also had acid reflux, severe gas, sinus [issues], puffiness in my face, post nasal [drip], unexplained fingernail ridging; which all have now cleared`s just amazing! I showed this to my family Doctor and she was shocked because she hadn`t heard of Hemocode, not to mention she was blown away by my blood pressure being perfect within a month of changing my diet. As well, I have lost 19 lb. because my food choices are so much better and healthier and really low in bad fats. I tell people my story all the time. I`m so grateful that I came upon this.

C. Yarema, Toronto, ON

It`s been about 2 weeks since I received my Hemocode [recommendations]. I began the elimination of problem foods immediately and the results have been remarkable......... My skin has cleared up completely. Evidence of rosacea has also disappeared. I wake in the morning feeling more rested and notice a boost in my energy levels. All good news. Hemocode was definitely the right solution to my problems.

Alexandra E., Hamilton, Ontario

I`d been hospitalized, tested, poked and prodded… For two years I`d visited neurosurgeons, neurologists, etc., to see if they could identify what was causing my continual problem with: sight, face freezing, trouble speaking, extreme exhaustion, neck pain, severe pain in the edges of my ears, light flashes and loss of depth perception. A neurologist suggested a daily drug - I was unable to tolerate the pills… I found a book by Dr. Buchholtz of Johns Hopkins University and [as a result] removed a number of foods (anything with tyramine) and had some success - although never enough that I could make plans beyond day to day. My mother and I had read about Hemocode in the Toronto Star - while expensive, I was at my wits end. I removed the food culprits [recommended by Hemocode] … and within 2 days my arthritis pain was gone completely… and continued to feel well - and be migraine free for 19 days - a first. So it`s been a year and a half - I continue to avoid these foods… [and my c-reactive protein has gone from 8.08 when I was in hospital [a year ago] to 0.08 where it has stayed now, a year later. I have migraines, but not to the same degree, and rarely do I have to cancel an activity, nor does it affect my work. It [Hemocode] has been a real learning experience as far as the food goes. If there`s a downfall to the [Hemocode] program it`s the recipes - they`re very odd - appear like they`ve been put together by someone who has never cooked. Looking at what my intolerances were, I now look for recipes that originate in geographical areas that never grew corn and didn`t have the ability to keep food cool (dairy/eggs)… The hardest part of converting to a new diet especially if you`re going through a bit of withdrawal is being faced with food that doesn`t tempt or satisfy you. Anyway, very interested to see how my husband`s [Hemocode] comes back. With any luck our food intolerances are similar and I won`t have to re-invent the wheel. Doing Hemocode and following the plan has made my life 100% better.

Barbara P., Oakville, ON

I have used the Hemocode System and have had good results. I had a multitude of digestion problems and also suffer from fibromyalgia. Foods I had previously eaten and considered to be healthy surprisingly turned out to be on my "red" list (i.e. peanut butter was one, tomatoes another). I thought i had issues with dairy but was happy to find out it was not on my severe or moderate list. Since identifying my food sensitivities and following my program, not only has my health improved, but my weight has dropped. My quality of life is so much better, and I no longer experience the level of pain that was causing me to pass out.

Valerie, St. Catharines, ON

Hemocode totally changed my life. I suffered daily with congestion, migraines and vertigo. I frequented doctors’ offices for years every few weeks because of constant migraines, earaches, sore throats, pain, rashes, etc. I took tons of sick days off for various ailments. In December 2011 when I returned from a trip to Mexico I was suffering with everything including lethargy and intestinal and bladder problems. I spent most of the Christmas holidays in bed. New Year’s Eve I was in emergency due to chest pains. Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong, however, they referred me to a cardiologist for his diagnosis. In January 2012 while watching Breakfast Television I heard of Hemocode. Quality of life was non-existent so I decided to do the testing. As soon as I got the results I realized that many of the items that were on my list were on my plate when I went to Mexico. I went “cold turkey” and got rid of the bad stuff. Within 1 week I started to feel the difference. The congestion was gone and a few weeks later the vertigo subsided. I had a follow-up appointment with the Cardiologist about 2 weeks after Hemocode. He told me that I have no heart ailment to worry about. I was able to tell him that the chest pains have decreased and told him about Hemocode. I asked him if my new elimination diet would help with the chest pains and he answered “yes, most definitely”. The stress of always being sick and not knowing why and others constantly telling me that I looked sick or commenting that I am always sick was enough to make me try this test. No longer am I stressing about why I am sick…I know certain foods are the culprits. My co-workers have seen the proof in me and many have since gone for the testing. Not just for themselves but for testing family members as well. It was the best thing that I did for myself.

S. Stewart, Toronto, ON

I am extremely happy with the improvements I have felt since following the Hemocode System. It is amazing how good you can feel by making simple changes to your diet! When you have a good day it is such a plus. I suffered for many years and under went a barrage of tests with my GP and gastroenterologist to no avail. It was all a guessing game until I got my Hemocode. The Hemocode naturopath has helped me make the changes and has been a tremendous help and provided lot`s of encouragement.

Lorraine L., Toronto ON

I have had rheumatoid arthritis for over 20 years with many trials of heavy duty drugs and ended up with only pain killers and steriods as my alternative. I have been following your recommendations for three months and feel so good I would love to share this with others and promote Hemocode.

A.C, King City, ON

Patients that I have referred for Hemocode were very happy. It seems that the advice that you gave them helped to control their symptoms. I think that Hemocode seems to be beneficial for some patients. I will always make sure to first rule out any medical condition that could cause their symptoms, before sending them to you!

Dr. Anca Facy, MD, Toronto, ON

I wanted to send you a note to let you know that my chiropractor suggested I try the HEMOCODE test last April after 15 years of severe headaches, back aches, digestive issues etc. The medical attention I had over this time  frame was extensive. I went to any appointment suggested from Neurologist to Rheumatology, Bowen Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Acuputure, Cleveland Clinic, many headache/pain/nerve clinics and many MRI’s & CT Scans. Every test showed normal results and lead to no resolve. I had nose surgery, thinking it may resolve ‘sinus’ headaches. I even cut out typically suspected food groups such as dairy ,red meat and wheat but continued to suffer and live on daily doses of Arthrotech and anacin. I received my hemo-code results last April and immediately saw that my daily intake of  foods that are normally recognized as healthy selections such as poultry, tomatoes, brown rice, lettuce and others were listed as high risk.  I was confused but desperate enough that I started to follow it exclusively. Within 48 hours, I felt so different that I stopped ALL medication & have not had even so much as an aspirin since. I am now enjoying foods that I have not had for years and I keep counting the weeks as I am sometimes in disbelief that it has been 5 months. I have way more energy, no digestive issues, lost belly weight and sleep thru the night. I just wanted to give you some positive feed back on how  wonderful the hemo-code experience has been to me and my circumstance. It has changed my life & it all seems too simple. I realize that it is not a miracle cure for all but in some situations, it should be a front line test. It is non-invasive & provides very valuable information. I have told many friends who are now experiencing similar results yet I wish there was a better way of spreading the word to others. It is a great program and I hope you do your best to get people to try it. If you would like to use this note to help spread the word feel free to do so. Thank you.

D. Ciolfe, Aurora, ON

I have had very positive results with the Hemocode system, both personally and professionally. Incorporating results from Hemocode has had a significant impact on energy, vitality and overall well-being. It is a beneficial and accessible option that provides useful information on your individual health profile.

Dr. Christian Cooke, BA(Hons), DC

I am a practicing family physician in Toronto since 1979. My patients often complain of symptoms which could not be easily placed in any diagnostic entity. In 2011 I started referring some of my patients Hemocode. In my observations those patients who complied and implemented the Hemocode System greatly benefitted from the program. I believe Hemocode is accurate and plan to recommend this program to my patients in the future.

Dr. Oleg Livshin, Toronto, ON

“Because I suffer from food sensitivities I have found Hemocode useful in pin pointing which foods I should avoid.”

Julie G., Toronto, ON

“I have had bloating and distension in my stomach (as if I was 5 months pregnant) for about two years. I went to see my doctor, then another doctor. I had abdominal ultrasounds and blood tests done and I even went to see a gastrional intestinal specialist and not one doctor could help me with my problem, or give me an answer as to why my stomach was looking like this. I work out five days a week and I was frustrated about feeling this way. I felt helpless and depressed. Then a friend told me about Hemocode... Well, it turned out that I was sensitive to many foods, healthy foods that I was eating. Once I eliminated those foods from my diet I started to notice a big change in my stomach. I was no longer bloated. I had more energy and I felt great. The staff at Hemocode were friendly and very helpful. I would recommend Hemocode for everyone.”

Maggie A., North York, ON

“Great experience, informative, professional and helpful.”

Katherine A., Woodbridge, ON

“I received your Hemocode package today in my mailbox as requested on Friday. Thank you for the prompt and reliable service. Now I have to find a bunch of obscure wheat-free flours, egg-substitutes and soy-milk and so fourth. I am off to the natural food store tonight. I am approaching this as an adventure of culinary discovery. Maybe I will manage to concoct a wheat-free bread that actually tastes good, and strike it rich. Anyway, hopefully this intolerance management works. I’ve noticed a definite difference straight away. Just thought you might like some feedback.”

Janet L., Toronto, ON

"I was so happy when I finally got my Hemocode and embarked on the changes. Within 5 days I lost the tired headache feelings I had with the end of each workday. Since then, I’ve noticed a general improvement in all areas-fewer colds and flu’s. I’ve promoted Hemocode to co-workers and parents of the children that I work with. As well, my own two children have benefited by the testing. Life can be improved when you aren’t poisoning your own system with foods you are sensitive to. Thank you Hemocode.”

Claudia B., Bowmanville, ON

"Hemocode helped me become more aware of the impact of the foods we eat. I felt a lot better when I eliminated the triggers that were causing me to feel over weight and bloated. IT REALLY HELPED!"

Patricia B. , Delaware, ON

“Hemocode has been nothing less than a life saver for me. There were so many different foods I didn’t tolerate and I was constantly developing new sensitivities. I feared before long I wouldn’t be able to eat any thing at all. I had consulted a variety of health professionals, but no one was able to help me with this problem. Thanks to the four day rotation program and the advice I received from the Hemocode staff, I can now eat a greater variety of foods, some new to me and some I couldn’t eat before. I now have more energy and my insomnia and constipation problems are all gone. I lost some weight, although I didn’t want to."

Yvette R., Toronto, ON

“I live in Toronto, Canada 35 years old and have been suffering with IBS for many years. Almost immediately after doing Hemocode I felt fantastic. Pain, bloating, burning is all gone. If only I would of found this years ago. Thank you for giving me my life back.”

Debbie B, Toronto, ON

“I was at your facility about 2-3 weeks ago and had Hemocode. Things are going great. I notice a difference in my energy level every day and dont have a constant stomach ache after every time I eat! Its great”

Nicole, Toronto, ON

“The Hemocode System did help me. It’s an excellent way to find out all your food intolerances. I do follow it to stay healthy. Good luck with Hemocode and best wishes to you and everyone involved in this health giving testing. It’s real and it works!”


"Excellent service. Very helpful to my complaints...lost weight and feel better overall. Now I know what to eat and the background and science behind it. If I had sought other dietary advice chances are I would have cut my portions and eaten 1/2 a slice of bread, but clearly that wouldn`t have been as effective because wheat is on my intolerance list."

S. Martin, Toronto, ON

"Before I started with Hemocode I was experiencing stomach pains after eating. I would get the pain all the time and sometimes it was quite intense. I was diagnosed with H. Pylori and when I had the meds they were ineffective and gave me severe headaches. I also tried to cut down on the amount of food I ate but now I realize it was the type of food I was eating. Since I have cut out all the foods that were listed, foods that I should avoid, I don`t have the pains anymore. Thanks to Hemocode."

K. Martin, Toronto, ON

"I would like to say, that after being on it [the Hemocode Food Intolerance System] I have lost around 10 pounds. I feel much better and more energetic. I find it quite easy to not eat the foods that I have an intolerance to."

Lydia, Toronto, ON

"Through trial and error, I eliminated some foods I knew were bothering me.  However, I was still not feeling 100%.  Once I got my Hemocode results, I eliminated the recommended foods (which included some spices I would have never thought to eliminate!) and immediately felt better.  I quickly lost the uncomfortable water weight and regained my energy and concentration".  

Vanessa M., Toronto, ON